The 2nd / Office at 2004.

My office keeps always improving the version.
Let's open the office as of December, 2004 to the public.

My desk.

The difference of the goodness with last time (2001 versions) is a bookshelf in the front.
I bought the material from "Joyful HONDA", and assembled it by myself.
*Translator note "Joyful HONDA" is DIY shop in Japan.
The bookshelf opened and fixed the wall and the space a little.
The purpose of it is not to interfere the window shade in the back.

More detailed :
Lamp seat
Side of work desk
Pen's tray
The front of bookshelf
"Syoku-Gan"; Candy toy figures
Globe of Mars

My Mac.

This is a two-shot photograph of "Founder G5" and "Founder Powerbook17 inch".
In the spec of G5, dual 2Ghz and the memory are 4GB.
The side of "Founder quick silver" is dormancy.
The memory of Powerbook is 1GB.
I use Powerbook for a usual web circular, E-mail, and the text strike,
and am using G5 for the finish work of the comic.

More detailed :
Tablet and mouse
Desktop environments