Until "Battle Angel Alita LastOrder" can be done
"*"In the part, there is a glossarial theory

6. It scans in 72dpi gray* and it preserves it.

This is a scanner of the office. It is A3 type scanner, and ES-8500 made by Epson.

7. The FUKIDASHI; monologue is traced by Miri-pen* by another paper. It scans by 600dpi monochrome binary*, and it preserves it.

The FUKIDASHI; monologue is preserved beforehand separately.

8. It drafts it in the Kent-paper*.

(Left) This is the 22nd p19 BAA LastOrder (It is PHASE: 21, and p77 in comics) draft.
Gally-Alita in front of the third scene and Gavito is drawing dividing into another paper (right).
It is because the following range of the selection* is made easy to make. The work uses the lead of 2B for chiefly 0.5milli mechanical pencil. The person picture take close-up is often drawn with the pencil of 2B. I draw most including the background. It takes the time for me, and a serious process.

9. The draft is scanned with 72dpi and preserved it.

This is a dialog box of the scanner.
The scanned draft is ATARI: used for the mark* for the tone work. It doesn't need a precise picture very much. Therefore, it is scanned by a low resolution in consideration of speed-up and the size of the file of the scanning work.

10. It draws in the Kent paper with the pen.

It draws noting that the profile line etc. does not become interrupted. Besides, it is not too different from the drawing style of an analog technique.
The frame line draws only a rough standard by Miri-pen. It is because of making a fair copy by Photoshop*.
It does as a point by drawing HASHIRA; a pillar* in narrowing in consideration of the error margin when scanning.

11. It scans and it preserves it by 600dpi monochrome binary.

It scans and it preserves it by 600dpi monochrome binary.
The glass side of the scanner should be kept clean with a display cleaner and special cloth in each working line before work of the scanning.
The distinction of the scanning image improves greatly only by this work.


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