Until "Battle Angel Alita LastOrder" can be done
"*"In the part, there is a glossarial theory

1. Meeting with editor.

2. The synapse* by the text is made.

This image is a synapse of BAA LastOrder the 22nd (It is PHASE: 21 in comics) (It is what expands partially).
It calls OmniOutliner*. I am using the application of the genre of outline processor.
The outline processor edits the sentence of each column, and can apply the sequential number. This is convenient.

3. The name* (picture continuity) is drawn.

This is a wide-name of opening p2-p3 of BAA LastOrder the 22nd (It is PHASE: 21 in comics). It folds with the half the copy paper of B4 and it drew.

4. The name is sent to the editor by fax, and it makes arrangements by telephone. Work when the Go sign is given starts.

This is a fax of the office. It is a general domestic fax.

5.The screen is divided on the Kent-paper, and FUKIDASHI; monologue and the serif are copied.
This is the one that only FUKIDASHI; monologue and the serif were copied by dividing the screen.
This is copied to equal twice, it mails to the editorial department, and the production of photocomposition* is requested.


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