[ Battle Angel Alita / GUNNM ]

A megalopolis "Tiphares" in the air soars in the sky, and the town of
scrap "The Scrapyard" iron extends under that.
Ido who is the cyberphysician discovers the body collapses and it is a
cyborg girl in the hibernating state, at the scrapheap exhausted from Tiphares.
Before long, the girl named Alita is led to the fragment of the memory,
and begins to walk on the road of the fight to regain oneself...

- Category : SF cyber action
- Serialized by the BusinessJump, Shueisha (1991-1994).
[ Characters ]
Dr. Daisuke Ido
Cyborg specialist who lives in scrap iron town "The Scrapyard". He is a hunter-warrior that hunts the criminal on the other hand. Alita's godparent.
Cyborg girl who lost one's memory. Picked up by Ido, and grows up in his origin. It is led to the memory of the fight and it begins to walk on soldier's road before long.
"Endorphin addict" that eats others' brains. Brutal cyborg that Alita meet with first as hunter.
Boy of hard worker who manages repairer in the Scrapyard. It is dreamt to go to Tiphares some time. Alita sends goodwill, however...
Legend king of grapple ball game "Motor ball" done in the Scrapyard west district. He has the alias of "Emperor".
Dr. Desty Nova
Scientist of mystery that repeats human experimentation of frenzy secretly. A redoubtable technology is made good use of, and he relate with a lot of criminals.
One of hunters who live in the Scrapyard. The connection with Alita is caused from a trifling thing and it is hostile, before long...
He is a fragile habitus, and electric wave man who reads a past memory from the object. The music in the former age is broadcast by "Radio K.A.O.S.".
Chief of mobile thief Barjack..It's antiestablishment forces that hang out "Overthrow the rule of Tiphares". The true colors is wrapped in the mystery.
Lou Collins
Charge operator of Ghali who became ground agent "TUNED" of Tiphares. The character is careless though the work performance is excellent.