[ BAA LastOrder ]

Alita who finally kill Desty Nova in Granite-Inn.
However, Nova revived by his backup, who trapped, and killed her by a bomb.
Nova that returned to Tiphares restructures the brain with the brain
cell of Alita who took it home, gives "Imaginos Body" that studies the
chic of the nanotechnology thoroughly in addition, and revives Alita completely.
However, it was a body of a cruelly murdered person of Nova from which
the head was tragically crushed that awaking Alita saw.

- Category : SF cyber action
- Serializing by the UltraJump, Shueisha.
* "BAA LastOrder" is a sequel that diverges on the way of "Battle Angel Alita".
[ Characters ]
Dr. Desty Nova
He gave Alita Imaginos Body, and untied it to Tiphares.
It faces space city Ketheres with Alita, and...
Alita (Yoko)
Imaginos Body is given by Nova, and she revives at Tiphares. She sneaks into space city Ketheres for old friend's Lou.
Elf & Zwölf
Alive the remainder of AR series. It acts both as an assistant of Nova. It always acts in groups of two.
Sechs /AR-6
Alita Replica. It alive the remainder of AR series.
Other AR series are broken, and Alita is challenged to a fight with Tiphares.
Guard post soldier of Queen Limeira. It has an absolute loyalty to Limeira.
The strategy that uses the gun is skillful.
Aga Mbadi
True a person of influence of Ketheres and LADDER assembly. Hero who fought against nanotech crime.
He met Nova and others. But...
Caerula Sanguis
Chief director of Stellar Nursery "Guntroll". It defends children from the child slaughter policy of LADDER. What is the true colors of her?
Super Nova
Clone of Nova.
Two brain chips are buried, and it evolves the ability greatly. He cooperates from the agreement of the interest to Mbadi.
He is the master of "Electromagnetic Space Karate" that a sect of the space Karate. He aims at the founding of a country of "Karate star" in which everyone can learn the Karate, and it participates in ZOTT.
Strongest Karate person of legend in space. He participates in the space Karate team with bad grace by the request of Toji. He is interested at the growth of Sechs.
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