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    [3436] GAS: Sonic Fingerr

    Re. Harry's post of May, I've been reading the Gunnm: Another Stories translation. While I'm enjoying them all, in this re-read I've been struck by Sonic Finger, the only one of the seminal three I didn't get to read in Ultra Jump.

    It's an odd little story, isn't it. We don't see into the motivations of SF, if there are any. Even Buick, madman though he was, was more transparent. SF comes, lingers, loses and departs again. Other than the usual Scrapyard discombobulation, nobody's especially changed.

    I got to wondering if maybe this story wasn't Kishiro-sensei meditating on his own fame, specifically, his fame in the West. (West vs. East, you'll note, are a plot point in SF.) Sensei has always been uncomfortable with fame. Moreover, Kishiro-sensei is notable as one of the first mangaka to engage with the Western world--witness his adoption of the "Alita" name, and his Animerica interview. I had always assumed he would be grateful for his fans, and to some degree he may be.

    But at the same time...

    You've been living a lifestyle in your world, surrounded by peers and idols. And then suddenly, you're immersed in the unknown. People who don't react the way you do. People who don't use the same language and social signals you do. People who want to engage with you and your work, imitate it, honor it? Destroy it? Maul and mutate it? What is the heart of man?

    This bears a close reading. But since I have something to say now, I thought I'd share.

    投稿者:Daniel Snyder from 北米 投稿日時:2018/12/5/12:44

    [3434] The manga's ending. Kishiro Yukito work on new manga?

    When will Gunnm (Battle angel alita) finish?

    投稿者:C9 from 北米 投稿日時:2018/10/31/13:10

    [3435] Re: The manga's ending. Kishiro Yukito work on new manga?

    Mars Chronicles will go for a few years Yukito Kishiro has stated in an interview in Feb 2018 [you can read the interview in "Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition vol 5"]

    投稿者:RAZA from オセアニア 投稿日時:2018/11/9/09:28

    [3433] Harry Kohles
    I found out today that Gunnm Another Stories will be released on 10/09/2018 in the USA by Penguin House under the title "Battle Angel Alita: Holy Night and Other Stories." It doesn't come with the figure sadly :/ I need more Gunnm lol I got everything that's made by Yukito Kishiro translated into English... I missed my Octopus lips lady

    投稿者:Harry Kohles 投稿日時:2018/5/6/01:03

    [3429] Randomhouse added 2 more
    a:ba tie ins 1st is a hardcover alita battle angel making of artbook with 2nd being alita battle angel Dr. Ito's Journal tpb I don't know if it's tpb only cause of just placeholder or maybe it's faux leather embossed but Pat Cadigan isn't writing it it's nick.
    I'll be glad when actual figures or flags get shown as I really don't think michele rodriguez could pull off gelda's demeanor I'm hoping we see gelda's last order outfit though & the gelda motorball player is just a character who just looks like mars gelda for alita's memory to return.

    投稿者:barjack zwolf 投稿日時:2018/1/22/17:36

    [3432] Re: Randomhouse added 2 more

    Seems there are quite a few coming out.

    "Alita Battle Angel - The Art and Making of" by "Abbie Bernstein (hardback)
    "Alita Battle Angel - The Official Movie" by "Pat Cadigan" (hardback & paperback)
    "Alita Battle Angel - Dr Ido's Journal" by "Nick Aires" (paperback)
    "Alita Battle Angel - Iron City" by "Pat Cadigan" (paperback & hardback)

    投稿者:RAZA from オセアニア 投稿日時:2018/4/2/08:15

    [3428] Any guesses when kodansha us
    will put up mars chronicle v5 for preorder as getting the hype for movie in july deluxe edition v5 & mars chronicle v3 are pretty much back to back with v4 in august so i'm guessing mars chronicle v5 might be november/december as the translation team on gunnm series look like their doing serious overtime.

    投稿者:barjack zwolf 投稿日時:2017/12/22/16:24

    [3426] I hope kodansha has gunnm tribute
    art/tankubon near july as I'd love to have a Gunnm post apocalypse set of non canon stories by guest artists to go with gits global neural network.
    Ghost in the shell was one of the 1st manga I ever read so i see gunnm/gits as 2 different sides of same coin just gunnm is further in timeline so my own reasoning works for me.

    投稿者:barjack zwolf 投稿日時:2017/12/19/07:48

    [3421] Old Story

    I remember reading a loooong time ago [over 10 years]. About a manga fan club in america that wrote a fan letter to Yukito Kishiro thanking him for "Battle Angel Alita". Yukito wrote back about how he had tried to make the story not have anything that was specifically Japanese in it, and if they could tell him if they had found anything that was specifically Japanese in the mangas. They wrote back to him after re-reading the mangas and said the only thing that could find was when Lou Collins bows to apologize to Chief Bigott. Then Yukito wrote back about how 'he guessed it is really difficult to do to remove one's cultural upbringing even when trying' [or something like that]. Does anyone else remember this ?

    投稿者:RAZA 投稿日時:2017/12/16/09:06

    [3419] Re: alita battle angel- iron city novel

    can anyone give an accurate translation of this message from Tsutoma (Yukito Kishiro's brother) about the trailer (I have the rough idea from google translate) -



    投稿者:RAZA 投稿日時:2017/12/16/08:57

    [3420] Re: Re: alita battle angel- iron city novel

    *Tsutomu Kishiro

    投稿者:RAZA 投稿日時:2017/12/16/08:59

    [3430] Re: Re: alita battle angel- iron city novel

    Hi RAZA, I was wondering where you got that quote from? Was it from a article? If so, which one? could you link it?

    Just curious is all.

    投稿者:Script Weaver from 北米 投稿日時:2018/2/26/16:33

    [3431] Re: Tsutomu quote

    as you may be aware this site Yukitopia has 2 sections to it. The English section [where we are here] and the Japanese section. This quote was posted by Yukito Kishiro's brother in relation to the Alita live action trailer. The direct link to the quote is


    if you wish to see it in the entire thread then it is message number <10453> in the Japanese forum.

    投稿者:RAZA 投稿日時:2018/2/27/14:56

    [3417] alita battle angel- iron city novel
    I just checked randomhouse & along with baa deluxe v4 cover art finally posted theres what looks like alita battle angel movie prequel novel releasing a month beforehand called alita battle angel iron city.
    Did you give Pat Cadigan any insight to the scrapyard or is she working from cameron's script?

    投稿者:barjack zwolf 投稿日時:2017/12/14/13:12

    [3418] Re: alita battle angel- iron city novel

    is this the book you are talking about? - https://www.amazon.com/Alita-Battle-Angel-Official-Novelization/dp/1785658387

    投稿者:RAZA 投稿日時:2017/12/16/07:37

    [3422] Re: alita battle angel- iron city novel
    nope it's this releasing in june

    投稿者:barjack zwolf 投稿日時:2017/12/17/10:33

    [3423] Re: alita battle angel- iron city novel

    o wow thanks. Only info I could find on it was that it is -

    "The official prequel novelization to the highly anticipated science fiction movie, Alita: Battle Angel."

    and it is released 2 days after the official movie novelization which I posted.

    Both books are by the same author Pat Cadigan, and both will have hardcover and paperback releases

    投稿者:RAZA 投稿日時:2017/12/18/08:19

    [3425] Re: alita battle angel- iron city novel
    I don't really know much that could be in iron city before ido finds gally other than hugo getting the 10 million for vector to zalem. If prequel novel deals with yoko or possible michelle rodriguez character in motorball but I'd like there to be at least a hint of mars somewhere even if i'd have to wait for director's cut version like the stuff cameron added in Aliens.

    投稿者:barjack zwolf 投稿日時:2017/12/18/09:59

    [3416] Any word on new gunnm merchandise?
    With movie coming soon plus mars chronicle next year in english I was wondering will there be barjack flags, figures, shot glasses, & other merch for fans in US to support the series as ghost in the shell seems to have way more merch than gunnm in west.

    投稿者:barjack zwolf 投稿日時:2017/12/14/11:00

    [3424] Re: Any word on new gunnm merchandise?

    I presume you've seen this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW1edoZ_7dQ

    投稿者:RAZA 投稿日時:2017/12/18/08:21

    No Pass

    フリーソフト MULTI KOROBBS
    アイコン画像 by Yukito Kishiro