Software: Corel Painter 11, Adobe PhotoShop CS2, Illustrator CS5
Hardware: Mac Pro 2.66GHz Dual-Core Xeon x2, memory 8GB, WACOM Intuos4 PTK-640, Mac OS X Snow Leopard (ver.10.6.8)

This is the cover illustration I drew for the 9th volume of refurbished GUNNM LO, officially titled GUNNM LastOrder NEW EDITION from Kodansha.

The character for the 8th volume is Olympe.
Olympe, a guest character only in the Venus Cup, is relatively less important than the other characters selected on the covers, but as the female characters are few, I thought "Let a belle enter here", and chose her.

It was the first time to express her with colors, and I wondered a little about what the colors should be.
In the monochrome comic, Olympe is depicted all in white except a necktie, but she is a pet android and her coloring doesn't have to be same as actual human being.
For example, it would be OK that her hair was pink, green, or blue, which are often in Japanese animation.
However, I made her hold a rose flower and thought the impression of rose red would be weaker if I applied an impressive color to her hair, so I made it ordinary blond.
Her image is a French doll.

Affected by the rose flower I looked at photo materials and applied colors, I made color saturation of her skin and hair too vivid.
I felt it's not bad as a single drawing, but sense of incongruity was too strong when it was compared with the drawings of other volumes, so I decreased color saturation using PhotoShop.

GUNNM LastOrder CG