Software: Corel Painter 11, Adobe PhotoShop CS2, Illustrator CS5
Hardware: Mac Pro 2.66GHz Dual-Core Xeon x2, memory 8GB, WACOM Intuos4 PTK-640, Mac OS X Snow Leopard (ver.10.6.8)

This is the cover illustration I drew for the 7th volume of refurbished GUNNM LO, officially titled GUNNM LastOrder NEW EDITION from Kodansha.

The character for the 7th volume is Desty Nova.
In this volume, there appear as much as three corresponding entities, which are Porta Nova, Nova X and Super Nova.
At first I thought of drawing Super Nova, but that would be a spoiler for those who begin reading from the refurbishment version, so I decided to draw normal Nova.

Till then I had worried whether composition should be rightward or leftward, but I immediately determined to draw Nova in front composition.
The reason is the design of his goggles. The angle from diagonal forces to draw goggles in ellipse shape, which will make the difficulty of line drawing raise vainly.
I can leave that task for series' work to able assistant Tsu-chan, but I have to draw everything for the color illustration by myself.
Nothing can be better than avoiding troubles.

I had never drawn a white robe or a shirt thoroughly, so I went to a home center and purchased a white robe for experiments.
I wore it, took pictures of myself and studied how it crinkled.
Drawing white stuff in color is highly difficult.
I searched the web to collect images of those who wear shirts, and studied how they crinkle and change tones.

As for the pudding and the plate, I tried to draw them freehand but their forms were too random, so I got the exact lines with Illustrator CS5, made them the templates, and drew the forms.
About the color, I referred to the image collected by web searching.

GUNNM LastOrder CG