Software: Corel Painter 11 and Adobe PhotoShop CS2
Hardware: Mac Pro 2.66GHz Dual-Core Xeon x2, memory 8GB, WACOM Intuos4 PTK-640, Mac OS X Snow Leopard (ver.10.6.8)

This is the cover illustration I drew for the second volume of refurbished GUNNM LO, officially titled GUNNM LastOrder NEW EDITION from Kodansha.

(Continued from GLO-01)
It is easy to talk about drawing a new illustration, but to do it actually is not easy.
In my case, it often takes one week to create a cover illustration of comics, so when I have to draw ten of them, I need a certain strategy.
This time I made a plan as follows.
- Draw a close-up face of different character for each volume.
- Do not draw background.

I have drawn the composition of a bust shot against white background for covers of magazines, but it was the first time to draw them for a cover of comics.
(Continued to GLO-03)

Each motif is chosen from important characters that play active parts in that volume.
The motif of the second volume is Ping Wu.
When drawing a close-up face, its angle would be front, rightward, or leftward.
Usually it is easy to draw a face forward to 45 degrees left, so there is a possibility that most faces might be leftward.
I foresaw it and dared to draw Gally with facing right for the first volume.
I also drew Ping Wu rightward in the rough stage, but as I haven't drawn him for a long time, I misunderstood the artificial hand (Kale) was for his right hand and had drawn it.
After I saw the back number again and recognized the mistake, I tampered with its composition, but it didn't work well.
When drawing a gripped hand, difficulty and time and effort are completely different by whether you draw from the backside of a hand or from the palm side.
If Ping Wu was facing right as the initial draft, I would have to draw his left artificial arm with the folded-up fingers on the side of the palm, which would be tiresome.
And the eyes of Kale wouldn't be shown, either.
After all, I drew an easier leftward face.

GUNNM LastOrder CG