"Independence War"

"Independence War"

Software: Corel Painter 11 and Adobe PhotoShop CS2
Hardware: MacPro 2.66GHz Dual-Core Xeon x2, memory 8GB, WACOM Intuos4 PTK-640, MacOS X Tiger (ver. 10.4.11)

This is the cover illustration for the latest volume of GUNNM LO comics.
Since GUNNM LO was transferred to Kodansha, it is the first volume's cover.
And it is the 16th volume when we include the comics published by Shueisha.

The story is still in the middle of the ZOTT finals, so it is difficult to draw something close to episodes in the volume. I can't draw a spoiler on it, of course.
Besides, as it would be the first GUNNM LO comic published by Kodansha, its editor has asked me to draw Gally as a motif, so I was much worried about what it would be like.
After all, I thought of drawing an image illustration separated from the episode, and decided to draw based on the rough work that I'd intended for the cover illustration of Evening magazine in the autumn of 2010 and got dismissed.

The composition of the original rough is "front-facing Gally standing with distant Salem in the background", but it resembled the ninth volume's cover drawing ("rebirth" of Vilma) too much, so I decided to change Gally's pause.

I placed Gary's body aslant and gave the image of the fighting motion with extended arms, disarranged hairs, eyes looking to upper right, scattering fragments of the outfit and so on.
Gally in the foreground and Salem over the city of Scrapyard in the background are irrelevant at all (if you supposed they were all in the same space, Gally would be at the same altitude in the air as Salem), but as a meaning of a motif, I generally included the theme "Gally who fights for the independence of Salem and the city of Scrapyard."
I also intended to make it easy for new readers starting from the Evening serial to understand by taking up the symbolic images in the GUNNM world.

To tell the truth, it is rare that I draw Salem finely in a full color illustration, and this is the second time as a cover illustration of a comic since the first volume of the original GUNNM. (It is the 4th time in a total. Another was the drawing for the poster of the OVA, and the other was a spread illustration "Scrap Heaven" in the GUNNM novel version. 3DCG for the complete versions excepted) It is extremely painstaking to draw the city of Scrapyard that spreads below Salem, rather than Salem itself, and that's why I seldom try it.
In this "Independence War", I reduced the area of Salem and the city of Scrapyard and saved work by looking down from the higher viewpoint and expressing the city of Scrapyard with almost only the lights of the town.
However, just to draw the background, it actually took four days in total: two days for Salem and the city of Scrapyard, two for distant clouds.
Around the time I began coloring Gally, I almost have exhausted all my energies, which is a kind of secret that I shouldn't tell...

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