"Angels Rising"

"Angels Rising"

Software: Corel Painter 11, Adobe PhotoShop CS2, Shade 9
Hardware: Mac Pro 2.66GHz dual-core Xeon x2, 8GB memory, WACOM Intuos 4 PTK-640 and Mac OS X Tiger (ver. 10.4.11)

This is the illustration that I drew for the cover of GUNNM LastOrder Vol.15.

In early 2010, my schedule got overcrowded because publication for the refurbishment version of the original GUNNM series and some big events such as GUNNM LastOrder's 100th episode commemoration were overlaped.
So I had to draw the cover illustration of Vol.15 before finishing the episodes in it.
In the volume ZOTT finals starts, so from the start I selected Space Angels members as a motif.
Honestly, I wanted to draw the scene of the band by the Angels that would be a pair with "Karate Metal!!" for Vol.13's cover. However, drawing a band takes so much time and effort that I gave it up this time.
I wish to have another chance to draw it some day...

Under these circumstances, finally I decided to compose them facing forward just like an ordinary group photograph for the illustration.
I should draw Gally, Sechs, and Zazie together at least once.
However, I've already drawn the group-photograph composition of "Vampires" for vol.8. And also, a symmetrical composition is stable but less dynamic and turns to be boring easily.
After considering for a while, I matched Deckman 100, Elf and Zwolf backward, adding shining angel wings as a playful element.

As for the line drawing, I refined the pencil sketch by the mechanical pencil on a copy paper, which was then scanned.
As a main coloring, I chose faint greenish gray which I had been yearning to use for a long time.
I drew it with the tone of neutral colors, keeping contrast and color saturation lower.
My bad tendency is that I'm easily driven to draw a strong highlight and a luminescence part here and there.
Strong highlights come out to the front and adding them too much would make drawing in neutral colors meaningless, so I had to keep down that impulse.

I spent 3 days for drawing the rough sketch, scanning and refining it, and 4 days for coloring on Painter, a total of 7 days, including some miscellaneous work though.
I wish I could draw faster and better.

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