Software: PhotoShop CS2, Painter X
Hardware: Power Mac G5 2GHz dual memory 6GB, WACOM Intuos3 PTZ-630 and Mac OS X Tiger (ver. 10.4.9)

This is the cover illustration for the Ultra Jump May 2009 issue.

This time I had decided a direction of rough touch, but it didn't go well (that's usual, though), and some rough drawings I drew on my sketchbook lacked a decisive blow. I consumed a lot of my time while doing so, and then, without deciding a picture, launched Painter and was doodling roughly with pastel brushes. Since I was satisfied with one of them, I adjusted the position and added some stuff such as a hand, carrying on the process with drawing directly from the tablet.

As for the fashion of coloring, this time I thought I would try the way that was explained in a certain technique book and that I had never done.

On Painter, add light and darkness with gray color. When you painted just about enough, open the file in PhotoShop and blend an image material of rust with Overlay mode. Erase skin and some stuff. Then, paint colors on a new layer with Overlay blend mode.

This feature of Overlay in PhotoShop is originally aimed to color B/W photos, and it adds colors within the range of the brightness of the lower gray image. Therefore, even if you paint quite roughly, it becomes a suitable picture with a transparent feel.

Once started drawing, I finished it instantly.

However, when I looked at it calmly after overnight sleep, it came to look like a negligent picture that was colored on nothing but a doodle. My conventional fashion is masking precisely to details and drawing elaborately by the thick coating technique, in which the procedure is important and not flexible. It guarantees the quality above some level but takes time. The working hours have increased these days. As reflection on it, I had decided to try the rough touch, though...

If I drawn about 100 pieces in this style, I think I would probably master it, but I'm not a hard worker and it is difficult for me to spare time for it...

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