"The Cat's skill"

"The Cat's skill"

Software: Adobe PhotoShop CS2, Corel Painter X
Hardware: Power Mac G5 2GHz dual memory 6GB, WACOM Intuos3 PTZ-630 and Mac OS X Tiger (ver. 10.4.9)

I drew this illustration for the cover of GUNNM Last Order Vol.12.

Totally resurrected with a new costume, Gally strikes a combat pose. While considering the composition for the illustration, I had decided to draw Gally's new costume, but wavered on whether to place Sechs and Zazie in the background. Since time I could spare for illustrating was extremely limited those days, I decided not to draw Sechs and Zazie after all. However, the background would be deserted if nothing were there, so I placed stealth soldiers as same as scenes in the story. I copied and pasted drawings of the soldiers that I had actually done for the series in Ultra Jump, then made selections based on them, and painted colors.

My original assumption for the coat of Gally's new costume was white. However, it is fairly difficult to draw objects with white color in multicolor illustrations. Since I was diffident, at first I thought that I would draw a whole illustration in a black-and-white monotone, but I ended up drawing with many colors -- perhaps because of my nature. I usually draw manga in monochrome, so maybe because of it, when I get opportunities to draw in colors, I can't overcome temptation to use various colors as if I were a kindergartener... I wish I could say, "this is my style, so what?"... The point is that the coat itself should look white. Can you see as such?

I used the thick coating technique that I mastered in the illustration of "Edge2; Samurai of futuristic" in May last year, and spent just three days in effect to color it except drafting and inking. Before then, it took at least one week, so this is great timesaving.

I saved screen captures while producing, and I might explain the process with the images some day.

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