"Water of Styx"

"Water of Styx"

Software: Corel Painter X, Adobe PhotoShop CS2
Hardware: Power MacG5 2GHz dual memory 6GB, WACOM Intuos3 PTZ-630 and MacOS X tiger (ver.10.4.10)

This is a cover illustration of sale title of December, 2007 of Ultra Jump.
As for this, it is scheduled to use it to cover Battle Angel Alita LO volume 11 for the time saving.

The event came in succession at the end of the year of 2007, sale of information outside Battle Angel Alita with Alita's figure comics, and sale of collaboration picture collection "Edge2; Samurai of futuristic" in which I also participated.
Therefore, the ultra jump will do the Battle Angel Alita feature article. I was ordered the cover-page illustration by the editorial department in July.
We should express our gratitude for it. However, I worried how to do the composition of the illustration even if it did, too.
Various hesitations went out and it became a kill there were two pictures immediately before started drawn.

After all, "Bathing Gally-Alita" scribbled while drawing the serial decided to be drawn.

The picture that drew in pencil was scanned. It doesn't make a fair copy. It is a line drawing.
Because it doesn't make a fair copy of the line drawing, there are an extra line and an insufficient line, and it is difficult to correct it on PhotoShop. However, it was put to make the best use of analog touch on the mind.
I used Painter and arranged the discernment part, neutral tints, and the color of the shade part boldly with a chalk brush of opacity. Next, the oil pastel brush is adjusted, and the color is mixed with a brush only for the paint mix of which the color doesn't go out.
Then, a considerably three-dimensional drawing can be done by the work of only about ten minutes.

When it was drawn that they were three continuous illustrations in May, I got the art of this thick coating technique in the illustration of "Edge2 Samurai of futuristic".
I think that it is the same as the technique of a traditional oil painting. It has taken 20 years or more so that I may acquire the techniquec. orz
I was able to draw Gally-Alita bout two days thanks to this efficient technique.
The drawing work of Gally was very early. In it, the color is a little, and attached things are nothing.

It is drawing of "Surface of the water" becoming the problem.
As a matter of fact, I wanted to draw "Picture composed of subject and water" for a long time fairly in a full-color illustration. However, even if there is a chance to draw several times in the work of 'Underwater knight', I have avoided after all technical, difficult, and I was no drawing.

This time, because the surface of the water is an image that reflects by the backlight, it is not necessary to draw the object that refracts the water inside.
However, it is difficult seeming the surface of the water and to draw the surface of the water.

A photograph near the image was not found though I examined some the file photos.
Then, it was difficult to parse and gave it up though the surface of the water was written by hand to the beginning by intuition.
A familiar (Cloud pattern – chrome), watery texture is made with the filter of PhotoShop.
Tone correction - color balance is chosen. A bright part is done like yellow. A dark part is colored like blue. It arranged it in the background applying the perspective.
And, the color was added to a dark part by using Painter, and the outline was shaded off with the paint mix brush.

I drew the ripple of the surface of the water as follows. A concentric circle range of the selection is made by using PhotoShop. It preserves in the alpha channel, and the range of the selection is read with Painter. It drew by transforming with the brush and making it more attractive.

Finally, the layer of the gradation that shifts from yellow to red is synthesized on the screen by using PhotoShop, and the effect like the penetration light is put out.
The version from which red penetration light was emphasized was chosen as the cover of the Ultra Jump by the editor.
The version that does the penetration light a little more with unassuming modesty is scheduled to be used for the cover of the BAA LO volume 11.

The title of this illustration has not been decided while producing it. It made it to the title "Secret hot spring; hot spring of GUNNM" to joke because it had seemed to be soaked to the hot spring somehow.

This is a simile. Water is a symbol of the life, and, Stygian that it is the world of postmortem and is the borderline with this world is imaged in this illustration.
This is Gally while it dies by one degree, and it reproduces.
An English title is a meaning "Water of Styx".
Styx is a large river that flows surrounding the nether world in Greek mythology.

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