Software: Corel Painter IX.5, Adobe PhotoShop CS2 and Shade9
Hardware: Power MacG5 2GHz dual memory 6GB, WACOM Intuos3 PTZ-630 and MacOS X tiger (ver.10.4.9)

This was drawn for the Book-cover illustration of gAnecdote of GUNNM ".

Koyomi who appeared in "BARJACK On-do ;(Initiative of BARJACK)" was unexpectedly cute in the appearance of cowgirl.
Then, I had been decided to make it to such a motif and the composition from the last year.
(In this connection I may add that; the school child girl who had put on ten-gallon hat was appearing on the TV program that I saw by chance this morning. It was a start to draw Koyomifs cowgirl appearance.)
The shape of the ten-gallon hat is complex. Because only the photograph material I was not able to understand so good a type, the thing was bought by the mail order. The preparation seemed enough. However, I was able to make a fair copy of Koyomi's main body easily.

However, what I did the background to a careless thing was not neatly thought.
I was going to make the background a simple, smooth floor, and to finish easily at the early stage.
It is necessary to lower the position of the camera considerably to draw the expressions of eyes firmly. It is because there is brim of the hat. Then, it is necessary to draw the horizon on the screen, and it will have a hard time in the processing of the background.
For instance, if she is made to be leaning against the wall, the horizon need not be drawn. However, the cooped-up feeling comes out in the screen. It wanted to do to an openhearted, bright picture, and I did not want to draw the wall.

After all, I thought that I was going to have a hard time thoroughly if it had a hard time in the background picture.

Then, it made it to the composition that she was having a seat in the hood of the armored vehicle of Barjack.
In the armored vehicle of Barjack that appears in the play, the American car is a model. The Buick of it at the beginning of 1950's is typical.
The American car in this age overflows exaggeratedly in the dream, and I like it very much.
The bonnet of the car is a slight curve, and it is necessary to put out the perspective symmetrically. Because it was difficult to draw it, I bought "Type Hudson hornet in 1951" of 3DCG model. It is the download sales.
I decided the angle of field with Shade, did rendering, and made it to the template of the draft.
For your information; The American car in 1950's is unexpectedly small. The armored vehicle of Barjack has the size from 1.5 to twice original model.

I painted Koyomi's skin with a digital watercolor brush of Painter.
The white of paper (Or, color of the ground of the file) remains almost as it is in the part where the highlight is white.
The watercolor brush is fit to paint the skin with a transparent feeling of a child and a young woman.

Clothes divided into the layer by each part, applied light and shade with Tint-brush, and finished up the detail with the chalk.
I noted that the chroma did not rise too much because I had wanted to do to a dry screen like fine weather.
Still, because the chroma has risen as for jeans and the cowboy boots, I have adjusted it with PhotoShop.

The armored vehicle is not rather drawn easily with the brush of the type with which the color mixes. It almost drew everything with a chalk.
At first, it worried what color to make the color of the painting of the body of the armored vehicle.
It thought about the yellow and the black, sky blue, cream color or etc. that was a basic color of American car in the 1950's.
However, it embarrasses it with the color of the blue sky even if not discernible even if standing out too much than Koyomi.
After all, it colored to green that seemed to be a military car.

The owner of this armored vehicle that lived through the fierce battle after ago of one year "War of Barjack" conclusion returned to the country and returned to the farmer. The armored vehicle had been left in the field bleaching.
And, he heard that there was a meeting that formed New Barjack, overhauled the vehicle in haste, and ran to the meeting

Therefore, the car's body has dusted with awful rust.
Such a surface can be described only by the illustration of the color. As for me, the time was serious. However, I indeed enjoyed and drew.
The color that rusted in red became good atmosphere when the color was gathered from the photograph of an actual scrap by about four points, and it drew with the chalk.
The size of the texture of Painter was doubled, the texture was painted, and dust was painted with the chalk that effectively adjusted roughness.

Emptiness and the distant view used the one that the photograph in Midwest of America of the material collection was processed because it had spent time too much by these work.

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