"Battle Over"

"Battle Over"

Software: Painter IX.5 and PhotoShop CS2
Hardware: Power MacG5 2GHz dual memory 6GB ,WACOM Intuos3 PTZ-630 and MacOS X tiger (ver.10.4.9)

This was drawn for the pin-up of "Ultra jump MEGAMIX Vol.2", It was put on the market in Japan in June, 2007.

I wrote "BARJACK-ONDO" of a short work spending about two and a half months from April to June, 2006.
MEGAMIX2 was a publication schedule in the schedule in the autumn of 2006.
However, the publication of MEGAMIX2 has become 2007 years of next year for the delay of other writers' manuscripts.
The announcement's of the drawn work becoming later for as much as one year will not do every good feelings.
The speculation of wanting the relief of it, and the come-on was corresponding by the editorial department, in the ULTRA JUMP of the issue at the end of the year. As a result, the early publishing was done by ULTRA JUMP put on the market at the end of the year of 2006 as for "BARJACK-ONDO ".
Instead, it becomes the re-publishing "BARJACK-ONDO" in MEGAMIX2. The extra of and some plus something was requested.

Then, I had to draw this pin-up illustration.

Because the pin-up illustration need not consider the title space unlike the cover illustration, and is also comparatively free the motif, my feelings are easy.
I had decided to make it to Zecs who was the theme related to at all at the stage of meeting, "BARJACK-ONDO".

It is a style that draws a main line with the pen, scans it, and colors for the illustration of usual Battle Angel Alita LO. This time, it decided to draw by the style near the painting drawn without deciding a main line because it was a special pin-up.

The tone based on yellow with a low chroma that had wanted to be used before decided to be used.
In Japan, yellow with a low chroma is "collar of Olive." It is seen the neutral tints like green not expressed easily in case of the naked eye.

Because the theme was robot of skeleton of a metallic quality, being not able to draw out so good the color characteristic is the reflection point.

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