"JACK IN !!" (Black-version)

"JACK IN !!" (Black-version)

Software: Corel Painter IX.5, Adobe PhotoShop CS2, Illustrator CS2, Shade9
Hardware: Power MacG5 2GHz dual memory 6GB, WACOM Intuos3 PTZ-630 and MacOS X tiger (ver.10.4.9)

This is a cover illustration of Battle Angel Alita Last Order volume 10.

This made "Cyber space" in the story a motif.

Therefore, this is more peculiar than the illustration of other Battle Angel Alita arrangement of color.

This painted Gally=Alita and Mubadi with a digital watercolor brush of Painter, and added the effect of light with PhotoShop afterwards.

In beginning paint, Mubadi was considerably an amethyst mauve. However, I wanted to make the effect of light with Gally located forward stand out. Then, the chroma and brightness have been decreased to the limit by PhotoShop as for it.

The Melkizedec space of the background processed the material collection "Mech-No-Moto; Material of mechanism" and was drawn.
It processed to the texture of Shade, synthesized the one that rendering was done in addition with PhotoShop, and put the effect of light.

The belt of cyber light is surrounding in Gally's hand from this side. The belt of this light did the texture made from Illustrator and rendering was done with Shade. And, it synthesized it with PhotoShop.

Gally's body is painted black. However, the start had actually colored in detail.

Please refer to "JACK IN !!" (Blue-version) for the illustration colored to the detail.

Her body became jet-black by chance while my using PhotoShop and testing various effects of the layer synthesis. Because the impact was strong, it was adopted.

I took a rest from worth of issue publishing Battle Angel Alita LO serial in May. I had to produce two illustrations besides the illustration for these ten volumes. It is a cover of information outside Battle Angel Alita comics and an illustration of samurai picture collection "edge 2". I felt impatient about my mental status very much. Therefore, time was not able to be spent on this illustration.

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