"The shell breaks"

"The shell breaks"

Software: Painter8, Photoshop CS

This is the Cover Illustration for "GUNNM Last Order" vol. 7.

I have a tendency to think about what to draw too seriously, so often I got bogged down with my work.
So, this time I took care not to be too serious and drew it.
This is Gally who wore her broken stealth suit in the battle of the center of Jeru (TIPHARES).
Her stealth suit was more broken apart than the one in the story, and it is a deformation technique for an illustration: as a hyperbole expression.
I drew "Damaged Gally" before. It was the picture of Gally who had the broken shoulder. This time, it is the point that there is not much to look tragic and cruel in the picture. Because she just got the broken suit.
The picture had the characteristics of the composition of the picture: the subject "Gally" was trimmed off with boldness. It is a rare case for me, because many cover illustrations of my comics had the composition that the whole body was in frame.
I usually put her both arms on the screen, as it is like dolling back. But, the picture was like a wide-angle photograph, so I wanted to express dynamism and I dared to decide on the composition.
The color scheme of the picture was the combination of blue and green. It was same as my previous work "Soul Survivor". But this time, the area of the bluish-purple suit and the blue green background got a larger share of the picture, warm colors as red were used for accent, so the picture leave a different impression from "Soul Survivor".
The pipe group of the background was painted dark cyan at first. But I checked for printing reproducibility* with Photoshop, this color was almost printed gray. I knew this color cannot reproduce on printing and I desaturated this color considerably.
Gally's inner suit was painted very dark green at first, too. But, I thought this was too flashy, and I changed this color to pale blue by Photoshop's Hue/Saturation Control. It was finished under the condition at that point in time.
But, when I looked at the printout from a distance the day after, I noticed that this color could not be distinguished from background color. So, I changed this color to yellow green by Photoshop's Hue control, I made a difference between the color of her inner suit and background color.

Printing reproducibility*: Normally, a reproducible color range of a monitor is more wider than printing(There are some variation from a printing method, an ink and paper quality). So, some color of display on the monitor cannot be reproduced exactly on the printing.
It is colors of defective printing reproducibility. Photoshop has the function which checks for these colors.

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