"Gally in the wilds"

"Gally in the wilds"

Software: ShadeR3, Photoshop

This is an illustration for a cover of GUNNM complete edition volume 5.

I formed 3DCG newly excluding Gally's face parts.

Do you understand the parts such as hairs that wave in the wind are compared with my past work (volume 2), and the technology has advanced considerably?

I made it for Gally's suit and the detail such as rifles.
However, the mantle and the rock etc. of ground are not made to good, and in there be no scale feelings like a miniature model.

Smoke etc. are the retouches by PhotoShop.

The story of making this 3DCG work was appeared in a mook "3D CHARACTOR A GO GO!!!" from WORKS CORPORATION in December 10, 1999.

Cover of GUNNM Complete Edition