"Killing Angel"

"Killing Angel"

Software: ShadeR2, Photoshop
This is an illustration for a cover of GUNNM complete edition volume 3.

The model of one volume and two volumes before this work only put the image in which the highlight was written on the eyeball.
(Feel it as an image like the Barbie doll.) It tried to make the model completely in these three volumes.
Therefore, the eyeball was made a real structure with an iris and a transparent lens.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply the light as well as the real thing and to produce the highlight of eyes.

I made interiors of eyes shine in red, and expressed "Red eye phenomenon" in the photograph.
To put out this phenomenon, the parameter of luminescence was added to the surface in the eyeball material.

The body of the motor ball was not made except the screen because it took time too much to there was a lot of numbers of parts, and making. This is written in detail to the making article.

I did the course of Gally and the background and rendering was done separately. And, I synthesized the movement and shading off by using PhotoShop.

The part where the braid shone was applied by PhotoShop and I added.


Cover of GUNNM Complete Edition