"Makaku and Gally"

"Makaku and Gally"

Software: ShadeR2, Photoshop

This is an illustration for a cover of GUNNM complete edition volume 1.

It was also used as pamphlets for promotion of Shade Debut for WINDOWS.

Picture that Gally is having a seat happily on arm of Makaku.
They are developing the fierce fight in the story.

This is a picture that is called alias "Arm ride Gally". At first, it was scheduled that the color of Gally's suit was made a black according to the original. Please refer to the sketch.

I formed Gally's body in 3DCG; Modeling. And, to confirm the appearance of the texture, the body was set to a bright color. Then, I began to think that the colors other than the black were also good-looking.

I made the version of a blue suit and the version of a red suit by way of experiment. Consequently, because a red suit had made a fine show, I adopted it.

Moreover, the following works were done by PhotoShop. Erase the edge of an unnatural model.
Parts of model are slightly shaded off, and the retouch such as putting out depth to the surface of subject artificially is done.


Cover of GUNNM Complete Edition