"Scrap heaven"

"Scrap heaven"

Software: Painter, Livepicture, StrataStudioPro
This is an illustration for GUNNM's Novel of Jump J Books.

At that time, it was difficult to draw the size of opening wide picture as it was with a machine spec; cause volume of data is large.
An individual person and the background parts were made as a separate file, and then, it synthesized and the collage was done and it summarized it in one picture by Livepicture.

Consequentially, it became the picture of the collage composition unusually as an illustration of GUNNM.

(Because a huge file was able to be treated by a little amount of the memory, the software made in France named this Livepicture was attractive. However, the significance of existence is lost by rapid development of the machine spec afterwards, and it has disappeared. )

The person drew by the thick coating technique by Painter.

Zarem in the background upper row is 3DCG model by StrataStudioPro.

The detail is drawn by PhotoShop and is additional.

I took a picture of the engine block in the scrap depository. The collage and transformed what are masses of mechanism at the center of the background as for the photograph.

The evening glow and the moon used the photo material.

Illustration for Novel version GUNNM