"Calico, Red-hot Battery Kick"

"Calico, Red-hot Battery Kick"

Software: Painter3, StrataStudioPro, PhotoShop3.0

This is an illustration for GUNNM's Novel of Jump J Books.

She is Calico, an original character of GUNNM's Novel.

I made it up while consulting about the character named this Calico with Mr. Kawamura who was the writer of novel version "GUNNM ".

I faithfully designed the appearance of the character and the idea of a scorching leg as it was an order for Mr. Kawamura.

I thought about the name of Carico and the bolt action gimmick of the battery cartridge.

In my memory, it is a work that this illustration completed by Painter for the first time, and a thing made while trying and erring.

The person painted it thickly by Painter.
The background passage was made from 3DCG by StrataStudioPro.
The shadow of the person who fell on tracks and the ground of light were synthesized by PhotoShop.

The smoke in the passage interior used the photo material.

Illustration for Novel version GUNNM