"Gally for the cover"

"Gally for the cover"


I drew it for the cover of ULTRA JUMP December 2000.
I am very capricious, so rarely draw boresome pictures only of the upper part of the character, because I soon get tired of it before I finish.
But picture for the cover needs to be simple, because the title and many letters are on it. And I felt big pressure facing the start of GUNNM Last Order. So for warming-up, I dared to use simple composition. I expressed the face of Gally facing the new fight.

About its technique, using modern digital prepress, I tried to express the analog taste based upon the concept of the former GUNNM pictures that main lines of characters remain.I made a sketch carefully with sharp pencil and scaned it. And by Photoshop, I adjusted density of color, and took it into layor. I made the white part except lines transparent-layor and changed color of lines into red-brown, and made composition-mode 'multiplication'.
And by Painter, I painted colors on background-layor under layor of lines. To draw her hair, I used paster instead of watercolors-brush and painted colors on another layor.

At that time, my main machine Power Mac (blue and white colors) G3 Mac OS 8.6 didn't work well. So I had to use sub machine Power Mac7600 Mac OS 8.6.

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