GUNNM LastOrder CG

"GALLY Quest 1" "The Angel of Sword" "GLO-10" "GLO-09" "GLO-08" "GLO-07" "GLO-06" "GLO-05" "GLO-04" "GLO-03" "GLO-02" "GLO-01" "Independence War" "GLO 100th episode commemoration" "Angels Rising" "On The Way Of Journey" "Portrait" "KARATE METAL!!" pinup "KARATE METAL!!" "The Cat's skill" "Water of Styx" "BARJACK GIRL" "Battle Over" "JACK IN !!" (Black-version) "JACK IN !!" (Blue-version) "The Rebirth" "Vampires" (Japanese title: Vampire combat force) "The shell breaks" "Calendar of GLO" "Soul Survivor" "GALLY the SuperSonic" "Let the Battle Begin!" "Bullet Wound" "Garry's provocation" "March of Robots Queen" "Damaged Gally" "Air Hole" "Succeeded to be skeleton(translucent)!" "Gally, Virtical Fist" "Raifa (Thunder Blast)" "Gally for the cover"


"SalemiTipharesj ver2.5 in the setting sun" "GUNNM for color test" "Factory 33 of night" "Factory 33 in daylight" "Deckman Angel" "Deckman-2" "Deckman-1" "Recent photograph of the author." "Flying Pen King" "Angel of Space, Blue" "Angel of Space, Red"

Rough Sketches for a Cover

"Makaku and Gally" "Zapan" "Salem and Gally" "KANSAS Hunter Club" "Gally in MOTORBALL" "Mobile Unit and Gally" "Gally in rubbles" "Gally flying through the Scrap Town"

Illustration for Novel version GUNNM

"Scrap heaven" "Dragon Slayer" "Life is like going mountain paths shouldering heavy loads" "Calico, Red-hot Battery Kick"

Cover of GUNNM Complete Edition

"NEXT GENERATOR" "Gally in the wilds" "Gally in the tube" "Killing Angel" "Salem and Gally" "Makaku and Gally"


"The envoy of fortune" "Trial to the ambitious." "A knight has come to the lighthouse island." "Rulija (cover)" "Rulija (pinup)"