Fantastic Horror Films of Yukito's room

Fantastic Horror Films

Introduction by Yukito Kishiro

This time, for a change, I'm going to present a horror film collection for summer season.

Horror films, though collectively called in short, are really various. For example, old-time vampire or Dracula movies, occult literature films that became popular in the 1970s such as The Exorcist and The Omen, splatter movies that is a kind of punk movement starting in the late 1970s, pop splatter flicks that got some popularity in the 1980s such as Friday the 13th. The Psychological horrors begin in the late 1980s and the 1990s.

Splatter expression regards living human beings as just objects and depict destroying them, but it has permeated some genres other than horror films and the impact in early days was lost.
Some splatter movies don't have any mysterious elements, merely depicting bloodshed materialistically. Some people may categorize merciless bloodshed scenes in "horror", but I never feel them "horrible", even though I might think them "unpleasant" sometimes. Therefore, I set the category of "horror films" here having the indispensable condition to tell a certain "unnatural phenomenon."

What is felt as "horror" and whether such "horror" can be enjoyed depends on who watches a movie.
Honestly, I have seldom felt fear while seeing movies since I was a junior high school student.
If I dare to mention the frightening movies, The Exorcist and The Omen of classic occult literary films come to top on my list. In addition, the mental hospital scene from Jacob's Ladder which is not a horror film was most dreadful for me.
However, since I have watched an appropriate number of horror movies and have been trained by trashy works, I got original three "measures" for enjoying horror movies: black humor, a poetic sentiment and sadness. Or maybe I can add "artistry" as the fourth measure.
In addition to the horror element, if the movie has at least one of them, I can say it is enjoyable. Though I love movies with black humor, not only horror ones but also other genre’s, if you have too much pure mind, it is safe to avoid them because you may not understand them. "Artistry" is the same.

Now please enjoy my favorite horror film selection.