[ Yukitopia FAQ ]
Last update 2004/06/19
Q Was GUNNM (Battle Angel Alita) and Yukito Kishiro comics published in my country?
A I'm sorry. Actually, we don't have much information about the translated version. Please inquire at the domestic publisher that received my permission for the information.
Q I would like to order an autographic illustration by Mr. Yukito Kishiro. How much does it cost?
A Thank you for your letter offering me the job.
Regretfully, I must decline your offer, I have decided to focus on my project. Please accept my sincere apology.
Q I would like to offer the multimedia project.
(animation, movie, video game, etc.)
A Please contact the publisher Kodansha directly.
Kodansha Comics USA Official Website / Kodansha USA Official Website
Kodansha Official Website (in Japanese)
Q I would like to confirm that Mr. Yukito Kishiro read my e-mail.
A If your e-mail isn't contain a computer virus and doubtful points, mail message (which is translated into Japanese) will be read. However, because we are so busy for art work, we cannot guarantee an individual response. Thank you for writing!
Q Is it true that GUNNM (Battle Angel Alita) will be made into a movie?
A It is true, I made an agreement about film adaptation of "GUNNM" with the movie director James Cameron. I can't tell you in detail I have the confidentiality agreement. It is yet to be determined by him when start making it and released on. An official announcement will be made after a decision of starting time. Often they will give up movie projects or make it for more than a decade, you could guess that the GUNNM movie will get put together as well as I could. Please pray for quick and complete making the amazing movie, and warmly watch and wait in the long term.
(Yukito Kishiro)
Translation by Toshihiko Nishi.