In this corner, we present your fanarts.
We are asking for your fanart (likeness of Kishiro work' s characters).
Please send your works to YUKITOPIA' s webmaster Tsutomu Kishiro.

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paul untitled / Philippines

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How to send.

Please send your fanart by attached file of E-mail.
The rules are,

image size: within 300 * 300 pixels,
less than 100 Kbytes.
image type: GIF(.gif) or JPEG(.jpg) only.

Please write your address, real name, nickname,
title of yourwork, and your comment in E-mail.

We do not accept,

fanarts of characters which are not of Kishiro works,
other person' s works,
pornographic works,
any works which do not follow the rules.

Any fanart in this corner must not be reproduced in any form,
except byoriginal artists themselves.

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