This corner is suitable for Japanese, but there are many people who interest about 3DCG of GUNNM, so it is translated. Please do not take it so seriously and enjoy it.
Making of GUNNM 3DCG works part1
by Yukito Kishiro
In this corner, I explain about making story of 3DCG illustration "Makaku and Gally" made for the cover of GUNNM complete edition volume 1.
It is not only for 3DCG enthusiasts, so there is no technical explanation.
Software is Shade R2 (at that time).

About Shade.

Some people who read this may think that they also want to challenge 3DCG.In Japan, they can buy 3DCG software "Shade" for less than 10000 yen (about 100 $). It is very affordable, so its domestic share of 3DCG sofware has become almost 70%.
However,Shade is not so easy for beginners.When I knew Shade for the first time, its price was 1,700,000 yen (about 17,000 $).So it was one of my admiration goods that I thought that I would become rich and buy it someday, same as MacintoshII (1,000,000 yen) and color copy machine (5,000,000 yen) and laser disk player (200,000 yen).
To master bezier curve which is basic interface of Shade, I used 3 years (I learned it on Photoshop).

Say, "3 years on bezier".
* Original proverb is "3 years on the stone" that means "Patience wins the day".

My experience about plastic models and camera eased me to operate 3DCG software of which processes are modering, texture mapping, lighting, camera setting, rendering.
And I also used Strata, RayDream, Swivel3D before Shade, I was accustomed to 3DCG software.But without tutorial of Shade, I would not have been able to use Shade.
After Shade R series, Shade's manual and tutorial are the best among all softwares that I have bought till now.If you buy Shade, let's make Robot of tutorial.This tutorial is very good, so if you make this, you can master basic operation of Shade.
There are so many people who challenge to make pretty girl by Shade and fails. In my opinion, they are premature for 1,000,000 years.
Starting from a monade and then along evolution tree, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and finally the premates is the best way.If they do so, they can make pretty girls so easily.

Anyway, if you want to buy Shade, you had better buy at your own risk knowing the above-mentioned items.After long, long hell, you will see heaven only for a mament.
It is 3DCG.Fighting with doubts whether I may be only a fool, wresling with dark wireframes, and for the moment of rendering, you may feel like God of creation, it's 3DCG.If you create like God, If your harddisk goes down without back-up, you lose everything like a mist, it's 3DCG.
Polish your man in 3DCG hell
* Original song is "Polish your man in baseball hell ". It is the thema song of Samurai Giants.